Change is coming.

Is your business ready?

Our industry has a big problem on its hands.

Until recently, making great art was all you needed to stand out. But in an AI world, we are no longer the gatekeepers of exquisite images. Entire genres that so many of us now rely on for steady, repeatable income are likely to erode. And with displaced photographers hungry for their next paycheck, digital and human competition will be fierce.

If we don’t embrace an important mindset shift and proactively reinvent our businesses starting now, our days are numbered.

Now for the good news!
With disruption always comes opportunity.

In this compelling new all-day workshop, Megan will guide you through her research, conclusions, and specific gameplan for the reinvention of her photography business and yours. She will identify those genres that have future (and current!) potential for $10k, $15k, even $20k average sales. Imagine not just the occasional $10,000 sale, but a five-figure average! You’ll learn the detailed steps to claim those opportunities.

Most importantly, you’ll learn the critical mindset shift that we all need to embrace to not just survive, but thrive in the future.

Join Megan for the most impactful workshop since Level Up…

Find out how to become